Ready or Not

Written By: Robin Althhaver - Sep• 29•16

It just got real!  Here it is the last week of September, opening day of Bow Season in Michigan is just a round the corner.

I picked up my 2016 tags from the DNR this week; now there is no going back now. img_7593 When I first met Danny and Mike from Up North Journal , they promised to get me to this point, and more than anything hold me accountable.  You answered my questions, practiced with me at the range; you even helped me figure out what I really needed.  The gear has been bought; the hiking socks have been laundered with scent deterrent detergent, the shots have been practiced.  It’s all up to me now.  Part of me can’t believe the day is almost here, the other part is saying Heck Yeah!  You got this woman.  I work with an individual that loves her birthday, you know the kind they celebrate their birthday all month long. I’ve never really been that way, however I will turn 44 just two days after opening day.  So guess what, I will be celebrating too, just in a quieter not so look at me now kind of way. May the Birthday Gods be good to me, the practice pay off, and the Buck Fever be not too overwhelming. Time will only tell if this is my year, but regardless “someday” is here.  There is no going back now, many thanks to Mara, Randy, Danny and Mike for holding me accountable and helping me get to this point.  


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