Getting the Turkey Itch!

Written By: Michael B. Adams - Jan• 19•15

For about the last two or three weeks I’ve been waking up every morning to a flock of turkeys parading around the field behind my house I know with the intent of teasing me!  Every morning I see the toms flapping their wings and ruffling their feathers as the puff up a little to make me sit by the window and wish it was spring.  All I can do is sit with my cup of coffee thinking of how long is it ’til turkey season?

This morning I decided I was going to do something about these little posers dancing through the field and I knew just how to get them!  I quietly slipped down stairs waking no one on my trip down the stairs.  I quietly slipped on my boots, hat and coat grabbing my weapon of choice to shoot them with and some ammo!  Yes I did it, I admit it, I grabbed my Canon!  NO not my hand cannon, my Canon Camera and the ammo was a 32gb SD card!

As I made my way out the back door the snow was crunchy, it was going to be hard to slip up on them to any reasonable distance to shoot these birds on the camera. I got to the fence at the back of my yard and managed to step over a low spot and get into the grass field.  Now if I can get low and scoot across about 50 yards of open ground to get within range of taking these birds all will be good!  I got to a reasonable distance of what I thought would be “in range”  and I popped up and let them have it! Click, Click, Click, Click, Click!!!!!

They saw and heard me but they were not too alarmed at my presence but they didn’t hang around either!  I stood there watching them walk off slowly thinking to myself, HA Gotchya!  As I slung my camera over my shoulder just like I would have if it had been a real turkey I would’ve carried from the field, I made my way back to the house to see if I had any kills on the SD card.  As you can see I didn’t do to bad for a novice photographer, you see my specialty is video and that is what I will take with me next time….and there will be a next time.  I’ve already figured out a plan of action to set up and wait for these birds to ambush them with the camera again!

I may not have put meat in the freezer but I did manage to shoot eight birds multiple times, you can’t do that with a gun! It was fun to run and gun in the snow with a camera but it wasn’t like the spring with a shotgun running through the woods. Man I wish turkey season would get here!

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